Nexus Cartridges tattoo needles


Nexus Cartridges provides top quality tattoo needles created in collaboration with tattoo artists, guaranteeing a consistently high quality in each needle. With advanced technology, ergonomic design and an ISO 9001 certified production, our tattoo needles set the standard for safety, precision and innovation in the tattoo industry.






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Nexus Cartridges – A revolution in tattoo needles


Nexus Cartridges are the ultimate choice for the highest quality tattoo needles in Europe. We started our journey with a clear mission: to deliver needles that not only impress with their advanced technology but also ensure flawless and consistent quality in every needle you use.


In collaboration with experienced tattoo artists, we have developed Nexus Cartridges needles with quality and safety at the forefront. Each component is carefully selected from the best materials and our production ensures consistently high quality. We do not compromise on safety and sterilize every needle with ethylene oxide gas.


With Nexus Cartridge needles you not only get a reliable partner in your creations, but also an ergonomic design that ensures comfort during long sessions. Thanks to our wide range of configurations and continuous innovation, there is always a Nexus needle for every task and every style. Choose Nexus cartridges where quality, safety and innovation come together to create masterpieces on the skin. Your art deserves the best, and that's what you'll find here.


Created in collaboration with tattoo artists


At Nexus Cartridges, we pride ourselves on providing tattoo needles created in close collaboration with experienced tattoo artists, making our needles the preferred choice among tattoo artists. The direct involvement of the tattoo artists in the development process means that our tattoo needles are created by tattoo artists for tattoo artists – a close collaboration between developer and users that guarantees maximum quality.


We listen carefully to feedback, criticism and ideas from tattoo artists in the market to ensure that our needles not only meet, but exceed expectations. The close dialogue not only creates a fine-tuned understanding of necessary quality characteristics in tattoo needles, but also ensures that each design in our range is created with a focus on the tattoo artists' specific needs for a precise and reliable tool.


Our partnership with professional tattoo artists goes beyond product development; it is a constant source of inspiration that drives ongoing innovation and optimization of our products. In this way, Nexus Cartridges are an expression of tattoo quality, where each individual needle is characterized by in-depth industry knowledge and a passion for perfection.


Excellent quality and precision for all needles


Tattoo needles from Nexus Cartridges represent the pinnacle of quality in tattoo needles. All needles are designed with careful attention to detail and the needles are made from the best materials, including solid steel. This focus on the quality and reliability of the materials ensures that our tattoo needles meet the strict standards of the industry.


Nexus Cartridge's tattoo needles are the result of extensive research and development carried out in close collaboration with experienced tattoo artists. This ensures that each needle not only meets the strict quality standards, but also the specific needs of tattoo artists for a precise and reliable tool. The ergonomic grips improve ease of use and ensure that you as a tattoo artist can work with accuracy and comfort – even when it comes to longer sessions.


Extensive needle selection for any artwork

Nexus Cartridges' range of tattoo needles have been carefully designed to meet the most versatile artistic needs when conjuring ink. Our extensive range of tattoo needles is the result of many years of close cooperation with experienced tattoo artists and a passion for constant development. This is reflected in our tattoo needles, which support countless styles and techniques, such as Whipshaders, Liners and Big Mags, allowing customization for each client.


With our many needles, you as a tattoo artist can do everything from precise lines to detailed shadows - and with our special needles, such as the Magnum, there is ample opportunity to create wider color fields and a more nuanced incorporation of shadows.

Our tattoo needles offer impressive maneuverability, allowing you to explore and express your artistic visions without limitations, both with and without color, and on larger and smaller areas. Regardless of the complexity of the design of the tattoo or the technique used, Nexus Cartridges ensure that you are equipped with high-quality tools that highlight your craft, impress your clients and deliver a perfect result every time.