About us

Nexus Cartridges was founded in 2021, from the desire of creating a product that would not only be of high quality, but also create value for each tattoo artist in the form of a reliable tool for their work.

At Nexus Cartridges we are passionate about delivering top-quality tattoo cartridges to artists worldwide. Our commitment to excellence drives us to create innovative products that enhance the tattooing experience. We embarked on a journey with a clear mission : to deliver needles that not only impress with advanced technology but also ensure consistent quality.

We recognise the need for top high quality cartridges in the tattoo industry and strive to always deliver cartridges that make Nexus the number one brand among tattoo artists.

We strive for excellence, good old fashion customer service, where every customer is heard and treated with respect.

Explore our range of cartridges that Nexus offers and join the Nexus family .