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    Product News

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    We are happy to  regularly bring news and will continuously update about the latest products. As for now , we added some new configurations yo our stock.


    🌟1215CMLT Curved Mags:

    • Approved by Pro Team Artist Kenni Poke: Its unique textured surface ensure optimal ink flow and grip, allowing you to create solid lines. Kenni Poke himself swears by its performance.


    🌟Hollow Liners:

    • Ultra sharp needles: These liners feature ultra-sharp precision-ground needles that glide through skin. Perfect for crisp outlines and intricate details.


    🌟Big Mags:

    • Bigger is better: Our Big Mags provide a larger ink reservoir, reducing the need for frequent cartridge changes. Ideal for big pieces, for shading, color packing and bold designs.


    🌟Stippling Liners:

    • Fine Dotwork Made easy: Achieve delicate stipplling effects with these specialized liners.


    Why choose Nexus Cartridges?

    Quality Assurance: Every cartridge undergoes rigorous testing to meet the highest industry standards.

    Compatibility: Nexus Cartridges fit most rotary machines.

    Proven excellence: Our cartridges have been battle-tested by the best to ensure consistency.



    We are thrilled to announce that Nexus Cartridges has emerged winner of an extensive quality test conducted by the renowned tattoo artist @Laky_tattoo 🏆

    @Laky_tattoo, with a discerning eye for excellence, put our cartridges through their paces. The verdict? 


    • Unparalleled performance
    • Impeccable craftsmanship
    • Needle stability


    🎥 Watch the Review: Head over to Nexus Cartridges YOUTUBE channel and witness the review.