High quality

At Nexus cartridges we embarked on a journey with a clear mission: to deliver needles that not only impress with advanced technology but also ensure flawless and consistent quality in every single needle you use. Whetther you are a seasoned artist or just starting out, our vision for the tattoo industry is rooted in innovation, precision, and safety.

Here is how we are shaping the future of tattoing:

1. Quality cooperation:
o Our top quality tattoo needles are created together with tattoo artists. Their expertise ensures that each needle meets the highest standards.
o With advanced technology, ergonomic design and ISO 9001-certified production, our needles set the standard for safety and precision.

2. Constant innovation:
o We believe in pushing boundaries. Our cartridges feature unique designs such as extra long tapers, hollow liners and textured curved magnums.
o Nexus Cartridges is constantly exploring new materials and techniques to enhance the tattooing experience.

3. Customer satisfaction:
o Each needle contributes to your artistry. We want your customers to be surprised by the results.
o Our needles emphasize craftsmanship, impress customers and deliver perfection every time.

Constant Ink Flow: Our cartridges are carefully designed to ensure a constant ink flow. Whether you're shading, lining or creating intricate details, you can trust our cartridges to deliver consistent results. Say goodbye to interruptions caused by ink flow problems!
Safety membrane: Your safety is our priority. That is why all our cartridges have triple safety membranes. These membranes prevent blood and tattoo ink from entering the grip and tattoo machine, providing an extra layer of protection. With Nexus cartridges, you can focus on your artistry without worrying about contamination.