GLIDE & Foam

Bheppo Professional Tattoo Glide & Foam


Glide can be used during the tattooing process as a lubricant. Bheppo Foam might relief pain during sessions.

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Bheppo Professional Glide


The main ingredients in our product are flower oil and Lanolin, which help the skin recover quickly and reduce redness during tattooing. 


The product is lavender-scented and purple in color.


For the artist - Apply as needed during the tattoo.

For finishing - Apply a thin layer as needed during the recovery period. Listen to your local artist's recommendation regarding your tattoo.


Bheppo Magic Foam


Bheppo Magic Foam will relieve the pain during the tattooing process.


Magic Foam has flower oil to relieve the pain and  "NO"  lidocaine in it; that is why, while it relieves the pain, it will not make the skin harder to work or irritated.




During the break, apply the foam to the tattooed area and wait 5 minutes, after which you can clean and continue tattooing.


Bheppo Blue Foam


Bheppo Blue Foam is designed to soothe the skin during the tattooing process and create an environment conducive to comfortable tattooing sessions. 


With its carefully selected ingredients, this foam helps reduce potential discomfort, allowing artists to work with precision and clients to experience a more relaxed and comfortable tattooing experience.